How Our Step-by-Step DIY Guides Work

Welcome to Cabin Plans, where DIY cabin building becomes an adventure filled with joy, simplicity, and excitement!

Our groundbreaking DIY Guides redefine the experience, making cabin construction easier and more accessible than ever before.

But that's not all; we've also revolutionized the process by integrating our Materials Lists seamlessly with these DIY Guides.

Let us show you what sets our DIY Guides apart, making your DIY cabin-building journey an absolute breeze!


Simple and Visual Layout

On each page there is:

- A detailed 3D representations to show you where each part fits on the building.

- A 2D diagram to show you how to make each part with all the measurements that you need.

- And also a paragraph of text to explain anything that might be helpful to know about the step that you're working on.

With each step the cabin comes more and more to life.


Easy To Understand

Constructing a building might seem like an intimidating task, especially for those without prior construction experience.

But fear not! We break down every step, making it understandable for everyone and keeping things at a very simple level.

We explain everything from an angle that's assuming that you don't know everything and trying to keep the construction jargon to a minimum.



Designed to Work For Any Country

Our guides are made to be universal and they can be used with any timber thickness around the world. Any measurements that can vary just require a quick calculation so then the DIY guide stays suited to your timber thicknesses.

Any important measurements that can be measured from the outside edge or center point are shown because they remain constant regardless of the timber thickness.

Any window or door openings show the approximate size of the window or door so then you can adjust the studs accordingly to fit the window or door properly in the frame.

Example page from a step-by-step DIY construction guide to show how the measurements work on our DIY guides



This is What Each DIY Guide Will Show You:

  • How to build the floor: layout of footings and piers, layout of bearers, layout of joists, layout of the flooring and decking.
  • How to build the walls: How to build each wall frame, what order to build each wall frame, how to build any roof beams or supports.
  • How to build the roof: layout of rafters, layout of eaves, layout of fascia boards, layout of roof battens, roof sarking and roof iron.
  • How to do the exterior: Any exterior stairs, exterior sarking, windows and doors, exterior paneling.
  • How to build anything else that might be relevant to the specific design that you have chosen.
  • We don't have steps on how to do your interior and we leave that for you to customize. 

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