Our Guide to Cost Effective Cabin Building

If you’ve decided to do a DIY build for your cabin or granny flat then you’ll already be saving quite a substantial amount of money on labour costs. If you also utilize some of these tips that can apply to you, then you can make some HUGE savings! We’ve had a good think about these and are also speaking from experience but here are the top 5 things that you can do to save even more money for a DIY build!


1. Smart Planning and Budgeting

If you purchase our DIY Guide and Materials List add on then you’ll get our in depth materials list telling you exactly what to purchase and how much of it. The time saving of having this detailed compiled list makes it easy for you to do a bit of market research to find the cheapest local prices, especially for the main cost which is timber.

Besides that you should have a think about what areas of the build you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself and factor in the labour costs of getting the help for a qualified professional. When you are utilizing them its best to have as much as you can pre-prepared so that their workload can be as straightforward and quick as possible.


2. Consider Using Treated Softwood over Hardwood

All of our designs recommend using hardwood for the bearers and joists. This is because its the best option for longevity of your cabin or granny flat. However if you were to use treated softwood for the bearers and joists it can be a pretty nice cost saving and if done right will still last for a very long time! We recommend chatting to an engineer or builder to get their opinion about what's best for you.


3. Use Second-Hand Materials Where Possible

Sourcing second-hand materials is a game-changer! Doors, windows, furniture, sinks, and vanities, among other items, can be found at a fraction of the cost, if not for free! Not only is this budget-friendly, but it's also an eco-conscious choice.


4. Utilize Log Off-Cuts from Sawmills for Your Exterior

This is a huge cost saving benefit and also quite an interesting look for a cabin out in the bush or forest! If there’s a saw mill somewhere around the area there's a very good chance that you can go there and they will give you the log off cuts for free! If not then you’ll probably be able to get them for a ridiculously cheap price because often these will be considered waste and be burnt off or disposed of in some way, but these off-cuts can serve as excellent exterior cladding. You should check your local building regulations though to make sure that this is possible in your location because some areas might require the exterior cladding to be air tight when it overlaps.


5. Get Creative with Interior Paneling

Consider using plywood strips stained to your desired finish for interior wall paneling. This cost-effective alternative can deliver a stunning aesthetic. However, always check local regulations, especially concerning fire resistance rules, before proceeding.

Remember, these cost-effective strategies are not just about saving money; they also promote resourcefulness and sustainability. So, grab your tools and start your budget-savvy DIY cabin project today!

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