Build Your Own Cabin and Get Paid To Do It!

When I built a 100m2 cabin in 2020 I filmed it and put it on YouTube.

Not only was it an experience that I'll never forget but the ad revenue from the video has been quite significant!... To the point where it has paid off almost half of the total cost of the cabin including the costs of the water and electrical system!

Even though it has over 5 million views the crazy thing is: I look back at the video now and it could have been so much better!

There's plenty of other cabin construction videos on YouTube that have way more views then mine which shows what's possible with a really well made video!

Hi my name is Casey πŸ‘‹ and if you're someone who is interested in filming a construction video and uploading it to YouTube, then you'll be quite surprised at how much money you can make from the ad revenue!

As a bit of a guide to put it into perspective for you, my video makes about $4000 AUD per million views!

It also depends on the amount of time that someone watches the video for before they leave but that all goes into how good and engaging you make it!

Another thing is how frequently you set up the intervals for ads on the video. The more ads people see, the more money you make, but this can also be a deterrent for people to leave if these intervals are not set up at the right times in the video.

Another bonus is that videos on YouTube continue to gain views forever! Making this a potential long term income source!

If your interested in exploring this option then I encourage you to contact me through email at or message me on our social media accounts and I can guide you through everything that you need to know about YouTube and how to avoid the mistakes that I made.

If you're not very experienced with video editing and you feel like all of this could be a bit above your head, I can make the video for you. You would just need to record the footage as best as you can and send it to me. Just contact us through any of the above mentioned ways to chat about it.

BUT... besides just a great video opportunity, you also get a cabin out of it!! πŸ‘

I had never had any formal building experience at the time and the only reason that it was achievable for me to build this is because I created a step by step guide which broke each step down into a really small and manageable chunk.

The idea of these step by step guides has evolved massively since I created the first one and now they are made to a really high standard and in consultation with experts.

The DIY guides are applicable globally so they work with timber thicknesses in any country and still show exactly how to build the cabin.

You can get one of the DIY Guides for any of the designs on this website!

This is how easy our DIY Guides and Materials Lists are


DIY Guide

Click here for more info about our DIY Guides!

Our guides will run you through every step of the construction and break every part down into small and very manageable steps!

It's just like building Lego... but much bigger, more rewarding and at the end you get an asset that you'll use forever!

Every page has:

  • a 3D image so you can see where each part goes on the building!
  • a 2D image with measurements so you can see how to build each step!
  • And a paragraph of text to explain what to do!

Materials List

Click here for more info about our Materials Lists!

The materials list is broken up into steps that coincide with the step-by-step DIY guide!

Telling you the length of all the timber pieces to use, other materials that are needed and how to use all materials that are involved!

This comes as:

  • The staged timber order - making ordering your timber easy!
  • The glazing order - To tell you the windows and sizes!
  • And the full materials list - Telling you a full organized list of everything - so you can easily purchase what you need, as you need it!

Imagine the thrill of crafting each corner, molding each space to reflect your unique essence.

Our guides don't just direct; they invite you to unleash your creativity by encouraging you to customize your design, and build your dreams!

Even if you don't film it for YouTube content - Imagine all the money that you'll save by being the builder yourself!

Not only does this project bring cost-efficiency, but it also promises unparalleled satisfaction, granting full control over every detail, tailored just the way you envision.

This is not just about a cabin; it's about unlocking your creativity and building a haven that resonates with you forever!

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