Transform Your Property: Build a Secondary Dwelling!

Are you considering building a comfortable space for a family member on your property?

Or perhaps diving into the thriving rental market by adding a secondary dwelling for an additional income stream?

A secondary dwelling or granny flat can be so many things - A quiet space for your family members, a cozy haven for relatives or friends that are visiting, a detached home office space that's tailored to your needs!

What ever your reason is we've got you covered!

A secondary dwelling isn't just a structure; it's an extension of your property that unlocks a world of possibilities. This addition amplifies your property's value and utility.

Beyond personal use, a secondary dwelling presents an exceptional investment opportunity.

Maximize your property's potential by capitalizing on the demand for rental accommodation. It's not just an additional structure; it's a potential income stream!

We sell the building plans which are a digital file that you receive after purchasing. This gives you the benefit of not having to be locked in with a builder if you like their design.

Our builder-friendly plans are expertly crafted for easy inspection and implementation by professionals.

If you like one of our designs you can get one of the Free Info Packs so then you can use it to organise a builder and if needed, find out about building approval.

Building a secondary dwelling isn't just about the end result; it's about the journey. If your a DIY enthusiast then you can also save a lot of money by doing a DIY job using our plans that are specifically made for DIY customers!

If you were interested in doing a DIY build instead of hiring a builder, this is how easy our DIY Guides and Materials Lists are


DIY Guide

Click here for more info about our DIY Guides!

Our guides will run you through every step of the construction and break every part down into small and very manageable steps!

It's just like building Lego... but much bigger, more rewarding and at the end you get an asset that you'll use forever!

Every page has:

  • a 3D image so you can see where each part goes on the building!
  • a 2D image with measurements so you can see how to build each step!
  • And a paragraph of text to explain what to do!

Materials List

Click here for more info about our Materials Lists!

The materials list is broken up into steps that coincide with the step-by-step DIY guide!

Telling you the length of all the timber pieces to use, other materials that are needed and how to use all materials that are involved!

This comes as:

  • The staged timber order - making ordering your timber easy!
  • The glazing order - To tell you the windows and sizes!
  • And the full materials list - Telling you a full organized list of everything - so you can easily purchase what you need, as you need it!

Build an asset that adds value to your property, both financially and emotionally!

Take control of your space, seize the chance to create rental income, or provide an exquisite living arrangement for your loved ones today!

Ready to Start Building Your Dreams?

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