Custom Designs

Do you have an idea that you want brought to life?

We can custom design it for you, create one of our detailed step-by-step DIY guides, then calculate and plan out your materials so that you can build the project yourself!

Throughout the whole process we offer unlimited free updates and changes because we want you to be 100% happy with your finished design.

How it Works

Tell us as much detail as you can about your project using the form below.

We can design anything that you can think of and our custom designs aren't restricted to just designing buildings.

If it is a building, please upload a floorplan (even if its rough and hand drawn, just so we can understand what you want).

Next, we'll get in contact with you to talk more about your project and to give you a free quote for it.

Even though we get general advice from our structural engineer, we cannot provide you with any official advice and it is up to you to seek any specific advice locally.

If you want us to design a building, we highly recommend that you have someone like a local builder that you can get advice from to ensure that what we design is tailored to your location and site.

Examples of this can include:

Timber thicknesses and types

Timber thicknesses and types can vary in different countries, if you don't provide us with this info then we will just provide you with what we think is best.

Wind speeds on your site

This can effect the bracing, brackets, tie down and potentially other things on the building so we recommend that you ask someone qualified locally about this or we will just provide a general example.

The soil type on your site

This can effect the size and depth of your footings, you would need to find out this information or we would do the design with bigger footings then you might need.

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Throughout the whole process we work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. Our custom designs are an easy way for you to get your ideas into the form of a high quality, easily readable plan and to provide you with an easy way to do a DIY build of your custom idea.

Although we get general engineering advice about your project, we can't provide any official documents or official advice about building standards or engineering.

We trust that you will seek the advice of experts such as a local builder and local engineer to ensure you are fully compliant with your local regulations.

We only go off of the information that you tell us and we offer free and unlimited updates and changes for custom designs so that you have the chance to get things looked over by a local professional and we can update things with no extra cost to you.

It is fully the customers responsibility to manage the whole construction and approvals process and Cabin Plans is not liable for any issues regarding this.

Intellectual Property Licensing

  • We have no ownership over the use of custom designs and you can use your design for unrestricted commercial or private use, including for use in a holiday park, Arbnb or anything similar!

  • You cannot re-sell the documents for financial gain and Cabin Plans retains all intellectual property ownership over the documents that we provide. We will never re-sell a custom design plan, so a custom design that we do for you will always be completely unique!