Do You Want Any Design For Free?

Here's the deal:

You can have any design that you want for free!

Including any documents that you want for your selected design, for example:

  • The DIY Guide if you are doing a DIY build.

  • Builder Friendly Plans if you are getting a builder.

  • Materials List.

  • Elevations.

  • Detailed Floor Plan.

  • Or the CAD File.

You can also use the design for anything that you want including for use in a holiday park or as an Airbnb!

In return we require you to film the whole build, as best as you can from start to finish and send us the video footage, you will also need to send us at least 5 photos throughout the construction.

We would have equal ownership over the video and image content, so that we can use it for any of our marketing purposes, for example using the video for YouTube or TikTok and using the pictures for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest but you would also be able to post it where ever you want.

But wait, there's also more in this for you!

On top of giving you the plans for free with all documents and intellectual property approval to use the design for what ever you want, we will also give you 50% of any YouTube ad revenue from the video! Which can potentially be a substantial amount of money.

And sure, you can just pay for the design that you want and then make a video and post it yourself, in fact, we encourage you to do that!

But if you give us the video content, we'll give you the plans with full intellectual property approval for free and also split the YouTube ad revenue with you.

We'll take care of all the video editing and can guarantee that the editing will be to a very high standard and give the video the highest chance of success. The video will also go on our Cabin Plans YouTube channel where we will continually post these kind of videos to in the future, meaning that your video will be linked to other videos on the channel and will be recommended by these videos and recommended more in general because it will have the credibility of our YouTube channel, resulting in many more views over all and a never ending stream of new views.

The video will also be monetized right from the start because our channel has already surpassed the minimum requirements for a channel to start getting ad revenue and we can optimize it for the ad placements because we are experienced with this and all the other ins and outs of YouTube.

Hi, my name is Casey and I'm the owner of Cabin Plans. In 2020 I built a cabin and filmed it to go on YouTube. You can watch it on YouTube here.

It currently has over 5 million views, which has equated to around $20 000 AUD in ad revenue so far.

From this experience I learnt a lot about how to make a good video and if I was to do it again there are a lot of things that I would do differently.

I would share them all with you and you would have my priority support throughout your whole build to help out in anyway that I can in a moments notice and to help you make the best video possible.

If you are interested in this offer then I truly believe that from my experience I can help guide you to get really high quality footage and if you commit to this then the potential amount of views on the video could be a lot more then 5 million and can be a form of income for the foreseeable future.

This offer is for a limited number of people so if your interested in applying, use the contact form below.