Product Information

We have a Free Info Pack for all of our designs, which you can request on the product page of every design. Each design has 6 different products that you can purchase separately - The DIY Guide, Materials List, Builder Friendly Plans, A Detailed Floor Plan, Elevations and the CAD File, so you can just choose the products that are relevant to you.

Free Info Pack

A document that contains:

  • Stats about the building
  • A basic floor plan to clearly show the layout of the building
  • A link to view the design in 3D/VR
  • Info about all of the different products that you can purchase per design
  • Other things to consider
  • Information about compliance, approvals and what to do next

An extremely visual and easy to understand step-by-step guide that runs you through every step of the construction!

Every page has:

  • a 3D image so you can see where each part goes on the building!
  • a 2D image with measurements so you can see how to build each step!
  • And a paragraph of text to explain what to do!

The DIY Guides are made to be universal so they will work using any timber thicknesses.

We prepare this for your selected design as soon as you purchase, so you will receive it soon after.

2. Materials List

  • This can be useful to calculate your materials cost before you purchase the plans. If you decide that you don't want to go through with your project then we offer a money back guarantee on the materials list.

  • Each Materials List is based directly off the corresponding DIY Guide. We prepare the Materials List as soon as you purchase, so you receive it soon after.

  • The Materials List is a clear and concise list that tells you what materials to use, the length or size that it is or needs to be cut to, the quantity to use for that step, notes for how that specific material is used in that step and price. We fill in everything except for the price and you just have to enter the local price that you can get the materials for, giving you complete control of your budget.

  • This product is broken up into 3 parts: the timber order, the glazing order and the full materials list which is a combination of the timber order, glazing order and everything else, all in a consolidated and organized list.

3. Builder Friendly Plans


  • Subfloor structure - Layout of piers, bearers, joists, flooring and decking.
  • Ramp Structure (If you have selected a version with a ramp).
  • A Detailed Floor Plan showing all of the important measurements like the lengths and positioning of walls, doors and windows.
  • Bracing positioning recommendations.
  • Roof structure - Layout of rafters, eaves and fascia boards.

If you have purchased the Detailed Floor Plan for a design separately and then decde you want to buy the Builder Friendly Plans, you can contact us and we will give you a discount code to cover the amount that you paid for the Detailed Floor Plan.

4. Detailed Floor Plan

This shows important measurements like:

  • Overall Lengths
  • Wall lengths and spacing
  • Window and door opening sizes
  • stairs and deck sizing in all areas

*If you purchase the Builder Friendly Plans then it already has a Detailed Floor Plan included.

5. Elevations

  • Elevations exactly as shown in this picture of the front, left, rear and right side of the building, incase you need them to get building approval.

  • If required for approval you can get someone to add more detail about the materials your using, for example type of glazing, exterior, roofing, etc.

6. 3D CAD File

  • This comes as a .DWG file for AutoCAD software and a .skp file for Google SketchUp so that you can just use the one that works best for you.

Intellectual Property Approval

  • Purchasing any product comes with our intellectual property approval to build a design once for personal use or for use as long term rental accommodation. If you want to use any of our designs for commercial use for example in a holiday park, as an Airbnb, or for anything similar, you must contact us and get our approval first.