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Materials List - Small Rectangle Cabin

Materials List - Small Rectangle Cabin

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Materials List - We prepare this as soon as you purchase, so you'll recieve it soon after.

This Materials List corresponds specifically to the DIY Guide, so if you don't purchase it with the DIY Guide there will be a minor variation in your materials.

The materials list is a clear, concise list that tell you exactly what materials you need for each step of your project.

It tells you what material to use, the length or size that it is or needs to be cut to, the quantity to use for that step, notes for how that specific material is used in that step and a price.

We fill in everything except for the price because then you can enter the the local price that you can get each item for, giving you complete control over your budget.


  • Calculate your exact materials cost before you even start construction and get a break down of each section of the build.
  • Order just what you need, when you need it. Keeping you organized and knowing what's required now and in the future.
  • It comes with an isolated timber order, so you can order your timber hassle free and in stages.
  • It comes with an isolated glazing order, so you can order your windows and glass door easily when you need them.

This product is broken up into 3 parts:

  • The timber order
  • The glazing order
  • And the full materials list, which is a combination of the timber order, glazing order and everything else, all in a consolidated and organized list.