How Our Materials Lists Work

Our materials lists plan out your project in stages and also break down every step to ensure your success.

They synchronize with our step-by-step DIY Guides and tell you all the info that you need to know about materials for every single step.



Layout of the Materials List

Our materials lists are a clear, concise list that tell you exactly what materials you need for each step of your cabin-building journey.

They tell you what material to use, the length or size that it is or needs to be cut to, the quantity to use for that step, notes for how that specific material is used in that step and a price.

We fill in everything except for the price because then you can enter the the local price that you can get each item for, giving you complete control over your budget.

Materials List showing materials and sizes or lengths, quantities and notes for how to use them



Calculate your Exact Materials Cost Before You Even Start Construction

Our materials lists are broken up into stages for example floor, walls, roof, exterior, interior.

When you add in the prices that you can get the materials the spreadsheet will automatically tell you how much your spending on each stage and how much your total cost for the project is!

This gives you the freedom to know what your going to be spending in advance, so then you can decide if you want to spend more to get a higher quality result or if you want to adjust things to cut back on costs!

Material List grand total cost example image



Separated Timber Order

As well as having the full materials list that matches up with the DIY Guide, we also provide an isolated timber order that's broken up into stages.

This allows you to order the timber that you need in a manageable amount and have it on site and ready for the section that you're up to. Ensuring that your not over ordered causing confusion and taking up to much space.

Materials List - Isolated Timber Order example picture



Separated Glazing Order

We also provide an isolated list that tells you what windows and glass doors to purchase, the approximate sizes of them, quantities and where they go on the design when installed.

Materials List isolated glazing order example image



Order Just What You Need, When You Need It

Gone are the days of overstocked supplies or last-minute rushes to the hardware store. With our detailed lists, you'll know precisely what to order and when to order it, minimizing wastage and maximizing efficiency.

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